Is This a Bagel or a Puppy? These Unbelievable Photos Will Make Your Eyes Bug Out

How about a little fur on that bagel?

We’ve heard of dogs looking like their owners, but apparently pets can also look like their owners' favorite breakfast food. Since this bagel-puppy mash-up went live on Imgur, the online image-sharing and hosting service (and popular timewaster), bagel and beagle fans alike have been going nuts. Simply titled "Puppy or Bagel?, it was posted by Twitter user @teenybiscuit and has already generated more than one million views in its first few days. Meanwhile, @teenybiscuit (aka Karen Zack) is also the genius behind the equally transfixing "Chihuahua or Muffin?" and "Labradoodle or Fried Chicken?" memes.


Whether the puppy-bagel collage provokes an “aw, puppies” or “yum, bagels” reaction—hopefully not “yum, puppies”—it's just the latest evidence of the feverish obsession with all things bagel these days. From the viral rainbow bageleverything-bagel donut, and cream-cheese stuffed bagel-donut hybrid to the bagel doge, Americans can’t seem to get enough of their favorite carbo-bomb.


So maybe the real question, is toasted or untoasted?


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